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Items vary in condition, but all boxes are present and included. Prices do not include shipping, which is additional. If I find you are close enough to me, local pickup is an option.

1. Lionel PRR Consolidation w/TMCC and Cruise, runs good. Used. $250 SOLD

2. MTH Premier L4a Mohawk w/PS2+wireless drawbar! I’d call it like-new. Runs good. $775

3. MTH Premier Niagara w/PS2, runs good. Used. $550

4. MTH Premier Amtrak Phase V P42 Dummy (no electronics!). Used, good shape. Front plow not included. $150 SOLD

5. Atlas O BN Boxcar (Scale Wheels) w/knuckle couplers, used. $35 SALE PENDING

6. Golden Gate Depot Milwaukee Road Brass Super Dome, LED lighting and very nice interior. From first run of Olympian Hiawatha. Very little runtime, almost new. These were like $600 new. $500

7. Golden Gate Depot Aluminum ATSF Baggage Car. Good shape, except missing a door stop. Nothing that will impact operation though, one door just has to be put in a specific spot is all. Used. $100

More photos available on request. Contact me at email address in profile.


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