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New to model railroading and I love seeing all the projects documented in the forums from various modelers. So I thought I would document and share my first project. I have a 25" by 25" O scale Church model that I have undertaken. Below you will find images from light burn designed from a local church and laser cut. I have completed the bracing on most of the walls and the next step is to start applying the base coat of paint. Photos are taking forever to upload that are less than 1mb. Ill try to update in a reply.

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Progress on the 25” x 25” o scale church.. wish I could have used more muted color tones on the brick but for a first time design I’m okay with it. I tried to add a black stain a few times prior to the joint compound. I also learned how to do it next time that will be more uniform. Finish laser cutting and painting tomorrow. Add the trim and clear acetate and I hope to have a standing structure Wednesday. Haven’t thought too hard about the roof. I will laser cut shingles but need to find a 25” by 6” piece of cardstock from a cereal box or something. And will need at least 4 panels. Considering lighting the structure but never done that before so we will see.

Church is to be placed on a Christmas layout at a church train layout(me and 4 other train guys) after the Christmas service for the kids to play and press all the buttons.

I plan to make the files available once I’m done with the project. Thanks for reading this far!



Images (3)
  • IMG_1285: Building
  • IMG_1288: Building
  • IMG_1287: Buikding

I am enjoying your progress, nice work, what did you use for the brick? I used Precision Board and Polystyrene to create my 6"X8" country Church. I don't have a laser cutter, so everything is done by hand. I started with a graph paper drawing and laid out the walls and steeple. After cutting out the openings I made the door and windows from Strip-Styrene, the stained glass is from the computer, the bell is carved from Precision Board and the roof is Poly-Styrene, the lighting is LED's. Precision Board is fun to work with... try it some time.



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  • IMG_3350
  • IMG_3356
  • IMG_3357
  • IMG_3404
  • IMG_3405
  • IMG_3500
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  • IMG_3518
  • IMG_7573

Gene that church building is awesome! The laser cutter was able to engrave the bricks. I painted the bricks then used joint compound to fill in the grout.

Some updates on the building! I was able to add trim, add the stained glass windows. Mount some doors. Add the front overhang. Started one side of the roof!ShinglesCompleted shingles25” x 25”Stained glassStained glassCross and bricks


Images (6)
  • Stained glass
  • Cross and bricks
  • Stained glass
  • 25” x 25”
  • Shingles
  • Completed shingles
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