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Hi all,

Mike from IHP here. New to the forum, but wanted to make everyone aware of the two O scale resin trolley kits we now have available and coming.

SEPTA's Single-End Kawasaki Light Rail Vehicle is now available again from IHP. Back in 2000-2001, we produced the Kawasaki LRV as a complete, detailed display model in a limited run. By some popular demand, we have re-run the major components of the model for the O scale traction builders and modelers as a body shell kit. You get a one-piece body shell, roof details and stepwells. You will need to supply material for a floor (a cutting template is provided). Trucks are available from several sources for both 2-rail and 3-rail operation, and we can steer you towards decals for decorating the model. Roof poles are also available from several sources.

Here's a photo of the shell as you get it:

Also, the Double-End (Red Arrow) version of the Kawasaki LRV will be available in early February. This is the first time this car has ever been modeled commercially- ever. Tooling is completing now and production has begun. This kit is a little more complete than the single-end car, and is based on newer, more recent patterns. The kit consists of a one-piece body shell, a big one-piece interior, clear tinted flush-fitting window inserts, underbody and detail parts for the roof and stepwells. Once again, you'll need to supply material for a floor (again, a cutting template is provided). These units use pantographs instead of poles, and we recommend Sommerfeldt's #997 O scale single-arm pantograph.

A photo of the double-end version will be posted as soon as we have some samples to photograph.

Again, these shell kits are mainly for builders, and at the moment, we cannot offer them RTR or assembled in any way. Still, they are prototypes that you will likely only ever see from IHP and we have been producing Kawasaki LRV models for SEPTA since 1996. Some of you may be familiar with IHP and our attention to detail and kit quality is the core of our reputation.

Also, for those interested in P&W Brill 'Bullet' shells: we can still produce these shells by special order.

All production of these shell kits will be limited. Contact Mike at IHP to order or if you have any questions.


Mike Bartel

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