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I've been looking and looking and, for the life of me, can't seem to find replacement wheels for some vintage train cars I'm restoring. I need three sets of wheels, not the ones with the pointy-tipped-axles, but, I guess I'd call them flat-ended axles. Any help would be appreciated.


Another thing; I've learned there seems to be a wide variety of O scale train wheels; they are not all the same. It makes it hard to know EXACTLY what I want when looking online. The actual "wheel" part can be quite different. I ordered (stupidly thinking all wheels are created equal) three pair in a "lot" online . . . they were all different. This was my mistake as was clearly shown in the pictures-duh!


Images (3)
  • train1: this is the car I need the wheels for
  • train2
  • train3: these are the wheels I'm looking to match
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  • BThey are Lobaugh trucks - in my opinion the best in O Scale, if not the best detailed.  You need 36" .172 tread wheels with shouldered axles.  I could get you a part number If I wasn't all bundled up on the couch.

Not sure, but the car looks like Scalecraft.  Post on the 2-rail forum for more info.

Looks like 8852-4.  Not sure.

You might try an ad for 36" Lobaugh wheelsets.  Cheaper, and very high quality.

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