About the operation of this track: 2 questions 

if I pull my barrel car on the track, it works very well when it is not directly centered on the track.  Is that normal?   When I operate the log dump car, the car has to be directly  centered on the track?

And it operates both uncoupling and unload off of the uncoupling button.  When I try to use the unloading button , nothing happens or maybe the lights will blink at the switches.  I have the 4 wires correctly lined up with the way the 4 wire comes out of the controller.

what could be the matter?  Any ideas?

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Barrel car only 1 sliding shoe on the UCS or OTC at a time. One to load, the other to unload. Log dump car needs both shoes on the track to operate. Try turning to wire on the track 180 degrees.

Chuck. I don’t know exactly what you mean.

are you saying to flip the 4 terminal wires to opposite what they are currently?

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