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I plan to control a bunch of O22 switches remotely via a microcontroller.

I would appreciate someone sharing the estimated current for the coil during the switch operation.  I know it is only momentary during the shorting of the pin to ground but I don’t want to overload the optoisolater, SSR, or relay.

I dis search but everthing I found was related to the lights.

Unfortunately  I am away from home so I cant just set one up and measure it.



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@EastBay posted:


  I assume you meant Amps?

Thanks for the quick response.

He gave you the data he knew- the resistance of the coils typically.

@ADCX Rob posted:

Figure 5-7 ohms nominally.

The expectation then is, you knew to use Ohm's law to "do the math" to derive the current.

I is the Current in Amps, V is the source Voltage, R is the Resistance- If you know any 2 of these pieces of data, you can find the 3rd.

What is your source voltage?

Divide source voltage by the above assumed resistance = approximate current value your circuit needs to be capable of.

Since we do not know your source voltage, again, he gave you the one value he knew from experience and measurements.


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