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Randy thanks! The palm trees are the buck-a-piece plastic ones from wehonest on ebay.

10 pcs Coconut Palm Trees for O scale scene 180mm #M001 - Picture 1 of 1

Then I paint them... for the tops I use a satin green spray paint. I fully cover the top and bottom in green. Then I turn them upside down and give them a light coat with flat tan spray paint (not pictured... but it's the same stuff as the green). Then I put them on a bamboo skewer and dust the top edges with bright yellow. The key with the yellow is to keep the can way back and just dust the tips.

The larger ones have separate pieces of dead palms. They get a full coat of the satin green spray paint and a generous coat of the flat tan spray paint top and bottom.


The bases get a full coat of flat black spray paint. I let them fully dry overnight and then I dry brush them with latex paint. I start with dirt-brown (right front). Then I dry-dry brush a lighter shade of the same dirt-brown. Then I dry-dry-dry brush the tips with a flat light grey chalk paint. Each layer is progressively lighter and dryer, so they dry immediately. If you are doing ten trees each coat is dry by the time you finish the tenth.


Ultimately I was glad I cheaped out and went with the plastic ones. I started with 28 and my wife said "we need more palm trees" so I ended up using 56 trees total.


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