There is a wall dividing two rooms that will be the home for my layout. I have always loved, and lived close to the Ocean (Atlantic and Pacific). 

Has anyone used a beach / Ocean / Water scene as your backdrop or painted on your wall?

I like the idea for my new layout, hope my idea isn't all wet.


Rhode Island: 6-9% bigger at low tide.



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Not a full-wall ocean scene, but it could be. This "Monterey Bay" backdrop for a diorama was from an advertisement and flipped to put the rocks on the right side.

Of course a B&O office car at Monterey Bay would be highly unusual, but company President Daniel Willard liked to play golf and frequently used his B&O office car when traveling, usually to Florida.

This setting is more famous being where Beebe and Clegg's private car "Virginia City" was parked during a golf tournament at Monterey in the mid-1950's.

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