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Allan and all,

As President of TCA, please let me clarify today's eblast.  While I am in no way a spokesman for Eastern Division, just minutes ago I spoke to the York Meet Chairman and I confirm what I am about to write are the clear facts!  You do NOT (and I emphasis, NOT) have to wear a mask at the October 2021 York Meet.  At the October 2021 York Meet, masks are NOT mandatory.  Please refer to the Eastern Division website for more information:

The Eastern Division website says "If you have any Covid concerns, please wear a face mask."  Only the 2nd half of that sentence was repeated in today's TCA National eblast; but it really needs to be taken with the first half of the sentence that says that applies if you have covid concerns.

As you can see, it is up to each individual person to make the choice that's right for them.  Everyone should practice self-responsibly.

I hope this clarifies things and look forward to seeing you there.


Thanks VERY MUCH for that clarification, Stu!

I fully agree that those who have ANY concerns about the virus (vaccinated or not) who prefer to wear face masks should by all means do so. My main concern this time around was with the "Wear Are You?" contest we (ORG) are hosting that asks for folks to wear some OGR attire and have their photos taken with either Dave Minarik or me (or both). The photos will be posted on the OGR Forum, and I sure would not want to see a wealth of photos with masked individuals because that would pretty much negate the whole purpose of this fun exercise.

Anyhow, Dave and I will be there and we will be in our OGR attire. We are planning to have fun at the event and maybe even buy a few trains or train items, as well as meet as many of our magazine and forum supporters as possible.

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