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It's definitely going to be a bit. With all the things to be weighed, expect that you will be hearing more the further into summer we are. If there isn't any announcements by July, I'd be surprised, but then again, who knows which way is up. I would be willing to bet by July that we should have some sort of answers though.

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There are several matters at issue here. First, as noted by others, the dates of the Meet have already been announced by the Eastern Division. I can't see those dates changing. Second, regarding the additional events that the Eastern Division alluded to in their earlier communication, I believe that they will be announced before August. The third issue concerns the Covid-19 protocols for the Meet. This is the most tricky issue, as those protocols are outside of the control of the Eastern Division and could be changing right up to the time of the Meet. That said, I think the Eastern Division will do their best to keep the dealers and members updated regarding those protocols.


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Pat and Dave, I think you are right, we should hear before August.  Also, Pat you are right, the Eastern Division's plan will have to be flexible enough to accommodate Covid-19 protocols up to the time of the meet.  From what I see here in Western Pennsylvania, and I am sure it is true in every state, event organizers are being very creative in changing how they do things to accommodate changing protocols. 

The Fort Pitt TCA Division has held one outdoor meet and has another scheduled for this coming Saturday.  No, they aren't setting up the modular layout as they do in the regular meeting hall, but by putting up tents in a lot by a fire department, they had a great shall we call it a tailgate meet.  I missed the first one which was well attended, but plan to attend this Saturday.  I just brought it up to show an example of creativity.

Things are looking brighter for October - news from my local news (NE Pennsylvania)…

He said the mask order will remain in effect until 70% of Pennsylvanians are fully vaccinated. That currently stands at 33%.
The governor says all other restrictions including capacity limits on businesses and events will be lifted starting on Memorial Day no matter what the vaccination rate is.

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Well, that is great news, I think. I better get that shot in my arm if I am going to be doing anything with my fellow train pals. So much to do, so much time out the window too, lol. Yeah, I will get on it. I will kick myself if I don't get things done. I will see about getting my Strasburg stuff in order this weekend for my birthday(October). I imagine that we'll all feel real great once we see York's exit sign when we are coming there soon enough.

It's going to be hard to get 70% vaccination rate with all the polls saying there's at least 30% of the population that doesn't want to get the vaccine.   So lets all get vaccinated so we can get over this nightmare.  Personally while I'm against vaccine passports.  I'd be ok if the Eastern division mandated no entry unless you can prove you have been vaccinated.   If that would get rid of the mask mandate, I'd be even more in favor of it.

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After the second shot, we, (my wife and I), were given a CDC card, marked with the dates, 1st and, 2nd dose, Name , birthday and a CDC patient number.  Discussion is that fall/summer flue shots would also contain the Covid Vaccine, I could be wrong.  CDC card is in my wallet. There are instruction with the card.  A lot of local pharmacies are administering the shots, Medicare/ Blue Cross/Blue Shield did vaccination (twice) at our local community college.

Keep in mind vaccination does not guarantee you will not get covid.  Those in the system, at this point are promoting the information that with the shots, death is most likely off the board.  Received the Pfizer shots.  My guess 1.5 years (18 months) from now some normalcy, maybe.  Some talk about a new normal.

Mike CT.

Excellent points Mike.    The vaccinations have about 90% effectiveness, meaning that there is still a 10% chance that one can contract COVID after exposure.  No masks, no gloves, is like playing Russian Roulette with a 10 chambered revolver.  And, if you survive it, there is a very high risk of permanent lung scaring, worse than a lifetime smoker.

IMO, Organizers should keep the mask mandate no matter what.

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