Lionel Legacy Zephyr 6-38864.

I finally was able to assess in a nutshell what is happening.

All functions work on this Diesel engine.  However, the sounds will cut out randomly or come on and cut out if the horn is applied. 

Now...if I reduce the VOLUME either at the volume pot on top of the engine or on the Legacy remote by one third........then I can get all sounds to work without cutting out.

Is something failing on one of the boards?  Not sure where to go next on this issue.

Thanks again Guys for any assistance.






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This sounds exactly like the issue with the new H10 from Lionel.  That problem was identified as a bad sound file programmed on the RS-Lite board.  The problem is at full volume they are driving the card too hard, and the board's overload protection kicks in and briefly cuts the sound off.  This is the exact symptoms we see with the H10.

Thanks John

I'm following the H 10 issue because I have one.  Mine has the larger tender (not sure if that makes any difference) but so far I am not having any issues with it.

However, maybe it takes some time for this problem to rear it's head.  On the Zephyr, all was fine and then,  poof,  it happened.

Is it possible that many of the new Legacy boards will eventually present themselves this way.......

Did Lionel fix the H 10 problem with a re-program of the Lite Board?  And if so you know the cost?

I will place a call to Lionel this week and if I can gather any further helpful information....I will post here.



Since the H10 is warranty, it would be free, but they are backed up and it'll be there for probably several months.  I don't know what it would cost to fix yours, they may not be admitting they have a problem.  It would also be a board failure, perhaps the temperature sensing is faulty and shutting down the audio prematurely.

The H10 issue shows up with maximum audio, if you run at full volume, crank up the labored chuff so it's as loud as it can be, and then toot the whistle a few times, it'll usually cut out.  It needs a little time to "warm up" before the thermal cutout triggers.

Lionel got back to me on the Zephyr issue described above.  They suggest the Railsounds Lite board ($79) or the RCMC ($120).  The Tech indicated he would attempt to get a more definitive answer from his Director.

Given John's explanation here and his subsequent most helpful fix for the H 10 with the speaker replacement...I'm inclined to think the Railsounds Lite board....but I am not sure.

Given the symptoms Gents.....which board would you replace? 

Thank You


Well, it's clear that the sounds are the issue, so why are they recommending the RCMC?  Is this a new revenue stream, get you to replace working boards?  Since this is a 2014 engine, I'd suspect the RS-Lite board may simply be bad.  Of course, I'd be tempted to drop in the 16 ohm speaker first, since it's a whole lot cheaper.   If it'll run for extended periods at a reduced volume, that might be the solution.

Thanks John......makes sense.

Do you know if this board is included in the 50% off sale in November?  On the parts site it says to "contact Lionel" on this purchase.  Is this one where you have to send one in to get one?

Thanks  Dave

I believe you can get the "contact Lionel" stuff on the half price sale.  As I recall, you had to call those orders in.  It used to be that Lionel wanted a swap of the defective board, but apparently they're not doing that with most stuff anymore.

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