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Unfortunately, Oddballs run decals when HE sees fit to, not necessarily when the customer orders them, despite what his webpage states. I ordered some David J. Joseph decals from one of his listed dealers, and it took what seemed like forever to get them. He does have some interesting decals however, but I'm sure the decal business is just a sideline as the demand seems to have dwindled since the coming of factory painted cars..... I'd shoot him a note just to see what is up.
From someone else that has been dealing with him;

"Tell them that, per email, I'm informed he had/has to send his printers to Japan for servicing and can't print till he does that. He's collecting the money for it, I believe. It may be a while."
It is encouraging to hear that he is working on decals yet. His communications skills are not terrific. He's provided both good decals and a unique service and his decals are especially useful for modern freight cars. Good luck getting back to business. Yard Bull.
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I suppose if I don't get anything soon, I will start posting around HO areas and asking how he's treating them.

I'd guess that lacking a printer that they are getting the same treatment and responses and posting there will not really accomplish much other than to annoy a sizable number of electrons that would otherwise be resting quietly....

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I just received an Email from Tom Stolte of Oddball decals.


I said to not send in any new orders for decals, as he is still waiting on his printer.

or has no printer to print at this time.


He will email people when he is ready to gear back up.




Alps printers are no longer supported except some models . Your only option is to get Tom to send you the file and then have someone else make them. Thats what I did as I had ordered several sets from him. I was originally selling him a new MD 5000 but I could not get the proper drivers as these printers like Windows 98.


Tom had paid me for the printer but being I could not guarantee it would work , I refunded him his money after 2 weeks of futility. I did sell the printer to another guy who makes decals for me now and he got it working fine.



Try Stan Cedarleaf Decals - http://1stclass.mylargescale.c...s/CustomDecalsx.html

He uses an Alps printer. His decal sheets are expensive - $30 - but the quality is excellent. He ships in 1/3 sheet segments so he can go with a simple stamp so shipping fees are nothing. However but always order a full sheet. If you order a 1/3 sheet you still pay $30.

PS - I found that using warm to hot distilled water on Stans decals along with those I print out on my computer makes them conform to irregular surfaces right away thus eliminating the need for a decal softening solution.



I got artwork from tom last week.    I had three printers review it; one would not open a file from him.    The other two said the artwork is not print ready.

Also, I have not received the refund tom stated he had sent....     not good.

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