For those who might this business still operating.  I believe it was operated by a gentleman named Tom in the Kansas City area.  I notice the website doesn't seem to have been updated lately.


Please advise and thanks in advance.

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Sir - I was referring to Oddballs Decals operated by a gentleman named Tom Stolte.  From other threads here on the forum, I deduced he was having some printer problems maybe about a year ago.


I was trying to determine if he was still in business...but, no one seems to far.

Well...that took about 10 minutes and the gentleman replied he was still in business.  I indicated I wanted to order some of his decals and he said to send the information and money to him...furnished his address...which I believe is the same as the website lists.


So...I guess I'll give it a try.

Based on the posts I have read about this business, over the past year and a half,  I would not place any orders. Sending money up front, then not hearing anything, and not receiving your order for months, is not a good way to do business. I don't see many people posting good comments about this company. Just the opposite.

 There are better sources for decals if one searches around.


Grumpy, here's the question-- are you printing decals right now? I would order some but need to know first- thanks..

I would like to know who is the person that said they order $500.00 worth of decals from me as i never got it.


I am the guy. 


My name is Andre Ming.  I wrote check #4715 on 8/17/11 for $502.75 for a large order of S scale decals. The order and check were mailed to you on/about the same day.  My bank cleared said check on 8/24/11, thus you received and cashed the check. I can scan the bank-issued photocopy and send it to you if you would like.


I can also forward either a hard copy or email of the order if you've lost it.


If you'll recall, prior to me sending in the order and funds, we had discussed your printer issues via several emails. I indicated I was willing to place a large order and pay in advance to help you get back in production.  In addition, I solicited help from the fellows to pitch in and place pre-paid orders with the hope of helping you get back into business.  Several of them also helped with prepaid orders.


I received an email from you on 8/20/11 stating you had received the order and funds, thanking me and saying you could now get on with purchasing a printer and renew production. I can forward you a copy of that email if needed. (Along with copies of all of our email exchanges if you desire.)


I wish you no ill... I just want my decals I've ordered.  Hopefully we can resolve this.


Thank you.


Andre Ming

laming at cebridge dot net

Thanks Tom. 


Glad you found my order. 


As a software vendor, I too, have accidentally overlooked an order(s).  I try my best not to, but occasionally it happens.




I have a chain of emails from Tom too---saying this week...   Of course last week I heard the same thing...

I haven't received my order as yet.


However, on the forum I frequent, a fellow posted that he ordered a set of HO Frisco decals about a week ago, and received them a couple days ago.


Question now is: Was the order filled from pre-existing stock, or was it recently printed via a replacement ALPS printer?


Hoping for the best... perhaps there's light at the end of the tunnel?



Hi Jeff:


I will be sure to post here and other forums that are waiting to hear from me as soon as I receive my order.



I am still waiting; Tom has asked for my address and told me they got lost in the mail.  hmmm


   I would be a good customer, but will need to get the first tranche before I place another order...

Brad, it looks like ol' Grumpy is out of business- I would not be counting on things happening anytime soon. How many orders can get lost in the mail!!!!  This is bad-- has anyone contacted the sheriff on this case?

It's too bad, he has some nice stuff. I have purchased some of his CNW HO scale decals through Caboose Hobbies in Colorado. Why people (customers) have to be put through so much run around is beyond me. I have seen other things over the years about dealing directly with Oddballs but that pretty much covered his attitude...hence the name Grumpy. 

If , he won't give a refund , which happened to me , I told him to send the files(artwork) and I would get them printed . He did send me the files .

The problem with ALPS is you really have to know these printers inside out .

The only support is Japan or I think New Zealand . If get the files which is the most expensive part of making decals , most vector drawing programs and graphics dept. have software interface to read different vector files.These samples below are all homemade drawings .

I now have the capability to print my own decals .

SP Hi cube 003

Rock Island 8 door Bob h.

Rock 4 and 8 door

hy-cubes 002

hy-cubes 045


Images (4)
Tom I appreciate your offer and will accept this, but what about the funds ? I ordered eight sets of decals in early October ... A refund is in order eh!?
So Tom has sent me the artwork but does not have $68 to his name to reimburse me. I have asked him to dig it out and refund me next week or I will have to explore my options. A regrettable situation tone cast into . He apprears to have nice product, but his false promises and lack of liquidity especially for a paltry sum are disappointing.
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