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Time for an upgrade.   I just tried it, and if I shrink my window enough, the bar does wrap. 

Then if I shrink it a bit more, it disappears and a little MENU pops up on the left side!

Right - I think the CSS in the site should be able to collapse to the three bar menu when the width of the navbar wraps.

Why have the in between overlapping state?

@jackiejr posted:

I would just like to know how to log out. I am not able to scroll down the blue vertical drop down box on the left side of the web page. Prior to logging on this afternoon I was able to scroll to the bottom to sign out.  This is on a desk top PC

Why do you want to "log out"?  I haven't "logged out" since I joined the OGR Forum some 16 years ago.

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My question was not meant to be about the merits of logging in/off. I'm fine with staying logged in. My question is why I am not able to scroll down the above mentioned list. Is there no longer a reason to scroll down for other listings such as logging out as an example?              Rich  are you talking about viewing in full screen when you mention maximize?  My search for making browser window wider was a little confusing. Anyways Thanks

Looks like they're running your searches through the Greek search engine.


For whatever the reason the SEARCH entry in the navbar is coded up to use an icon, rather than a word like the rest of the navbar entries - I actually think that's why the navbar wraps improperly.

The <i> element you see is putting in a an icon from Font Awesome called fa-search. You can see what it should like here.

However, for whatever reason on your computer (and mine) the font is not found and therefore displays the text for screen readers that are used by people with disabilities.  The text is defined by the aria-label attribute in the enclosing HTML element.  The font it uses for that is defined by some browser and maybe OS defaults.  Mine is defaulting to what looks like Times New Roman because it has serifs...  Do you have your defaults set to another language or region?

Mine shows up like this:

You can see how it's a little different.  No underline, and the letters have little "wings" aka serifs on the ends.


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