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Hello all I have a friend with a LionMaster SD80 6-28332. When odyssey is turned on it almost always just takes off at full speed. With ODY turned off it operates as expected with no cruise. I’m trying to get a shopping list together for the parts sale this weekend and unfortunately I still don’t have the locomotive in front of me to look at (we’re both busy people). When I do take a look at it should there be anything else I should watch out for other than the standard loose connection/ broken wire. I imagine if I don’t see any obvious I’ll be getting a new DCDS but just figured I’d check with some people smarter than me.  

Thanks in advance

Happy Railroading!

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This is an early Legacy model.  If the tach reader is faulty, the engine will take off and go a few feet and then stop.  If the DCDS is the problem, it will take off and never stop.  The indications of the tach reader can also be the DCDS, but I tend to suspect the cheapest component first.

Check for wiring issues between the tach reader and the DCDS if it stops after a few feet.

Well it was pretty simple, wiring was fine. But as you can suspect if the flywheel doesn't turn with the motor kinda hard to get a speed reading . Both set screws were loose kinda weird but I like simple, might need to go back with some thread locker, they are so small don't want to over torque them and didn't feel as tight on the shaft as I would've liked but it works

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