OGR 14-Guage Model Train Wire SKU: wire-14wxx


I understand that OGR 14-Guage Model Train Wire SKU: wire-14wxx is out of stock does anyone know when or if it is ever coming back?



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Lowe's, Home Depot and Automotive Fastener Stores like Grainger( the latter has about 9 colors plus white and black in 50,100 & 500 ft rolls.) The big box stores will have #14 stranded and solid copper in red, white, black, maybe  green in 100' and 500' rolls.

A&Y RY[NC's Southern/N&W connector].

The wire I found that is similar to the OGR wire was sold as 14-2 or 16-2 speaker wire.  It came with the two conductors in red and black, the same as the OGR wires, and with both inside a PVC outer jacket that was usually a different color but otherwise similar to the OGR cable.  You need to make sure the conductors are stranded copper and NOT CCA (copper covered aluminum).  I got mine at a big box store.  I see it is no longer available there, but you can google 14-2 or 16-2 speaker wire.  Longer lengths usually come in a "payout dispenser" box.  You'll see other kinds of wire but it is not hard to find the varieties that are similar to the OGR wire.

You can find #12 through #18 flexible stranded copper wire at farm store such as Farm & Fleet or Fleet Farm or other names of the sort. I is in the automotive section. lengths vary from 30 ft up to 100 foot spools. Colors red, green, black, Blue, and yellow. with PVC insulation.


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THHN  wire has very inflexible insulation. It works well in conduit and under layout runs, but not so well under track or tight spaces such as switch panels.

The 14 awg copper wire at the auto stores or big box store would be a better choice for flexibility. The THNN has a slick coating on it also for protection or less friction when pulling through a conduit which adds to the stiffness as well.


Thanks for the replies and got the answer I was looking for. I ordered the wire now and I need to build the layout. The only problem is it keeps snowing in New England and this has delayed the layout build, snow removal duties unfortunately come first.



A proud member of the Brotherhood of Carpet Layouts.  Permanent layout scheduled for late Spring 2018.


   Went thru the exact same thing while I was building the 1st part of the new Train Room.  Here in Murrysville, Pa at the time, it kept snowing on me and really slowed down the layout building!  We definitely had a White Christmas (4 weeks of it).

Have fun building your layout, between snows!



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