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It was a truly wonderful and memorable event in every respect. My personal--and professional--thanks to the entire NJ Hi-Railers crew for providing us with an anniversary party that will long be remembered. Wendy and I thoroughly enjoyed both the layout and the people, not to mention Vinny's superb cuisine. Bernie even treated us to a viewing of a very special item in his office.

We had to leave the party a bit early in order to spend some time with daughter Katie in Philadelphia before returning to Ohio, but in one way that was a good thing because we did get to enjoy some family time together. Today we learned that Katie is currently in the emergency room at a Philly hospital with an as-yet-undiagnosed illness. That being the case, I'll be likely be taking Wendy to the train station in Pittsburgh very early tomorrow morning for another Amtrak ride to Philadelphia.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to the NJ Hi-Railers for a great event packed with great people. It doesn't get much better than that!


I took a lot of pictures of the layout, and not to many of the people presenting and such. So, here are the OGR Birthday peeps, NJ Hi-Railers, Lionel, MTH, and everyone else who got caught in my phone's eye. Amazingly, there was only one blurry picture that was taken, that was on the layout towards Flushing of one of the bridges. Everything else is clear. Enjoy.IMG_20191020_121030IMG_20191020_121033IMG_20191020_121037IMG_20191020_121407IMG_20191020_121444IMG_20191020_121908IMG_20191020_121914IMG_20191020_122216IMG_20191020_122220IMG_20191020_122223IMG_20191020_122442IMG_20191020_122444IMG_20191020_122752IMG_20191020_122755IMG_20191020_122803IMG_20191020_123254IMG_20191020_123256IMG_20191020_123302IMG_20191020_123303IMG_20191020_124128IMG_20191020_124134IMG_20191020_124138IMG_20191020_124851IMG_20191020_124917IMG_20191020_125150IMG_20191020_125152IMG_20191020_125215IMG_20191020_125221IMG_20191020_125226IMG_20191020_125227IMG_20191020_125230IMG_20191020_125236IMG_20191020_125412IMG_20191020_125526IMG_20191020_130221IMG_20191020_130223IMG_20191020_130235IMG_20191020_130237IMG_20191020_130415IMG_20191020_140611IMG_20191020_140614IMG_20191020_140620IMG_20191020_140622IMG_20191020_140720IMG_20191020_140812IMG_20191020_141746IMG_20191020_141914IMG_20191020_141915


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Allan Miller posted:
Dave NYC Hudson PRR K4 posted:

Hope your daughter gets better Allan.

She had an emergency appendectomy last night. Took Wendy to the Pittsburgh Amtrak station early this morning and she is now on her way back to Philadelphia.  Thanks for the kind thoughts.

Been there, done that, I arrived and within an hour I was in surgery.  Mine had burst, and I was in the hospital for six days, I hope she's lucky and gets out pronto!  I suspect she's in good hands and will be up and around in no time.  

Finally I have had a chance to sit down and make a post in this wonderful thread.... Being away from the daily OGR business for well over a week has had me playing catch up!

I have to say that this York was the most special of the Yorks I have attended because of the fantastic celebration that the NJHR crew arranged, hosted, and paid for in honor of the 50th OGR Birthday Celebration.  While a number of club members were involved in all of this, Gerry Morlitz was my spearhead as far as updates over the months as he and his committee made all of the arrangements for the event.  No one at OGR had a hand in any of this....Gerry and the NJHR took the bull by the horns and made everything happen without a hitch!  As you can see from all of the pictures posted above, they put on a first class act and one that the OGR crew will have always have in our memories!

I could go on and on about every detail and how I and everyone that attended had a fantastic time enjoying the world class layout and Vinny's world class food....but....OGR is planning some special coverage in a future issue and I will be devoting my entire Publisher's Corner in run 310 specifically covering this event so for now I will just say on behalf of myself, my partners, and our entire OGR staff....a heartfelt thanks goes out from all of us to the New Jersey Hi-Railers and to all of the manufacturers and forum members as well as subscribers for making this a great 50 years!  Not only do we celebrate 50 years of continuous publication but we celebrate each and everyone of you for your support of what many believe is THE publication and forum that represents the standard of the hobby today!  My humble gratitude and sincere thanks to you all!!

Alan, I can tell you that we were glad to have the party and celebrate OGR's birthday. A lot of the club members put in a lot of effort to make this the party it was. Only those who were there could really know what a great time and celebration it was. As a club, we are delighted that we were able to participate in this celebration with you.


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