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It must be Alan, my certificate is 10302.

My certificate number is 10305.  Was thinking it would have been higher.  


***Edited to Add***

Just saw that my certificate number is the same as the OGR WEB STORE Order Number.  Take that to mean certificate number is not really related to the number of Supporting Members.  Just a sequential number assigned to the web store order used to setup the certificate download.

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@Mark Boyce posted:

Great idea!!  I am happy to contribute.  Such a great product!  Oh yes, I printed my certificate as well.  10307

Reminds me of all the various numbers I have on my architectural licenses across the western US.  10311 for me! 

Now that reminds me of the 12 hours of continuing education I need by October 31 to keep them all. 

This was a no-brainer for me.

I am glad I follow a bunch of people. For some reason when Alan originally posted this on the 31st, it was no where to be found(possibly I accidentally deleted it being confused it was another topic I was following that Alan started/commented on). Regardless of all that I am here to say, "Yes, count me in on that" The numbers are our order numbers, don't know if that is our certificate number. My order number is 10315, not bad.

I had seen Don comment on the other topic Arnold started and since I was at work I was wondering what he was talking about. Coming home I didn't get a chance to get a look as my eyelids covered my eyes for some strange reason. Since I had to come up here and order some other stuff(I still have to order work shoes, ugh), I popped my head in here to read a little better.

So, now this will be something else. I will have to get a picture frame for this so it doesn't get lost somewhere, can't have that happen. I am happy to join the ranks, I just thought the number would be higher. Is the clicker counter broken?

As long as it fits and doesn't float. My mom picked out a frame a great number of years ago. When the pictures came back, she never put any in the frame. She told one of her friends jokingly about the picture(was a grad stock picture) that it was her other son Joe. That became a running joke. I don't know what we did with "Joe". I don't remember if someone needed a frame and mom gave it away, or if he is still floating somewhere, lol.

@Rich Melvin posted:

Just so you understand the certificate numbers, they do NOT indicate the total number of Supporting Members. The certificate number is generated by our web server at the time you download your certificate. They are also not necessarily sequential. It’s just a number that is exclusively yours.

Rich, I am glad you put out the sign that says, "Guys, over here." as I would have been completely lost. Downloaded it, just have print it. Thanks Rich.

So, I (the most tech-non-savy person I know), just went on my computer (not my smartphone, which I am pretty good at thanks to my prolific Forum involvement) and I completed the application, paid the $12 online and am now officially a Supporting Member (Hooray), but for the life of me, I don't see on the computer screen staring at me how to access the Certificate!

I could have sworn I previously read here somewhere how to download the Certificate, but now can't find that info.


LOL, Arnold

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