I just got mine in the mail, and as I leafed through it at the speed of light, one word kept coming to mind, over and over: Stunning!

What a great magazine! IMO, it is a masterpiece; the photos, articles, even the ads, are spectacular. 

My interest in the Put and railroads in the NYC metro area in the 1950s, particularly in the Bronx and Westchester County, NY, made me particularly enamoured with the article entitled Christmas Wishes Fulfilled  by Skip Natoli. 

What do you particularly enjoy about this issue of OGR? 



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I completely agree with Arnold! This is one of my favorite issues!  Cover to cover excellent issue of OGR!  both Skip Natoli's fantastic article and the feature on Cornerfield Junction are most enjoyable articles.  After a tough day at work today, the OGR magazine feels like Christmas morning.  

Got my copy in the mail yesterday! Thanks for the kind words Arnold and Scott. The Elesh family's  Cornerfield Junction layout looks amazing. I could probably look at that layout for hours. Makes me want to take a road trip!!! 



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PRRronbh posted:

Could not find it at Barns and Noble Saturday last.  Also local toy train shop has stopped handling it.  So guess I am out.

NOPE...no reason for you to be "out".....  Let me explain:  Some shops carry our magazine on again off again...something pretty common.  As far as bookstores....well, your local bookstore has been selling 2 out of 10 they ordered....so they don't get them any longer.  So...what is your alternative in order to not be "out"?  How about ordering a subscription directly from us??  You save money that way too over bookstore purchases.

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I agree wholeheartedly with Arnold. I get both formats and enjoy them both. I like getting the digital version, usually a couple of weeks before the print copy, plus the extra photos at the back are a bonus, as is the access to the video library, book library and backshop articles. But there's still something nice about holding a magazine in my hands, too. After I'm done with the print magazine, I donate it (along with other past hard copies) to a local train club for them to give away to visitors, usually kids.


Still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail.  I'm a digital subscriber also, but I love the good old fashioned "feel" of a print publication.

Fantastic holiday issue if I don't say so myself!

Skip's layout is simply awesome. It is truly an honor for me to have a small article and share the pages in this run of OGR.

Hopefully, some day we'll see a video (in HD of course) of Skip's layout complete with Christmas music and "tour" of the wonderful NYC scenes. With professional editing and narration it'd be a classic in its own right.

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