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I’m running the website on an iPad with 14.7.1 software. I’m not getting that notice in safari. Very strange. I do seem to remember starting to get  that notice on my iPhone a number of months ago with other websites I frequently visited and realized that Apple upped their internet security protocol requirements. I needed to change my ISP to wp2 or something like that (one with higher encryption) and it went away on that device.  I may be getting the acronyms wrong, since I am basically a functional illiterate with these types of things.

although not directly on point, I quickly found this with a web search -

setting mine to wp2 only fixed everything.

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It is not that the OGR Website is insecure, it is that the security certificates have been upgraded and are essentially too new for the older hardware/software to validate these new certificates.

For those wishing to dive deep in to the technical aspect news articles:

The Fix/Workaround:

You need to manually install the new root certificate on your system. For older macOS not updated by Apple:

  • Download the ISRG Root X1 certificate file from
  • Open the Keychain Access app and drag that file into the System folder of that app.
  • Find the ISRG Root X1 certificate in System and double click on it, open the Trust menu and change "Use System Defaults" to "Always Trust", then close that and enter your password to confirm the change (if prompted).

Note: Obviously, one needs to carefully vet any instructions about adjusting one's systems security measures from "some random stranger on the internet"

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