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@MikeH posted:

That interesting.  Since the day I signed up three years ago, I've used the OGR Digital app on my iPhone to access the forum and all things OGR.  I'm a dinosaur and didn't even know it.

I don't know what you were doing, but there never was an "app" for this forum our the OGR Web site. They are just web sites visible in a web browser.

@Max Warfel posted:

I guess I should’ve clarified more in my original response. I was talking about an app for the digital library. I just signed up for it last night and was curious if there was one or not.

Thanks for letting me know it’s not available anymore. My searching can now come to an end.

It's not that, "’s not available anymore..."  The point is that it is not NEEDED any more.

That app posed a problem for a lot of people, and the company that developed it was not inclined to make the changes and improvements we wanted in it. We were glad to get rid of it.

@Rich Melvin posted:

That app has nothing to do with the forum. How do you look at the forum via that app? I don't understand that.

And...that app is going to disappear soon. In fact, I'm surprised it is still up and running.

Here you go.  Here's what I see when I click on the app.  Down in the bottom left corner, I circled in red where I click "website"


Then I click this box on the right...


Then "OGR FORUM" at the bottom...


Then this box on the top left...


Then "Home"...


Then "All Topics"...


And here's our thread!



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