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Found a kit on the bay for a Whitcomb 65 ton road switcher that was made to fit on a K-line S2 frame. These are very cool loco's and during WW2 they were the first allied trains into Rome, Paris, and Germany. The kit came with the shell, pilots and fuel tank that are 3D printed. The print is on the rough side I think and I don't really have the time to sand and fill to get it looking great, maybe after I retire I will revisit that.


I filled the biggest defects painted and assembled the loco. To get the proper prime mover I went with a Soundtrax Tsunami 2 4400 decoder that had the Whitcomb prime mover sound, the speaker I had on hand is not up to par so I will wait to post a video until after I replace it. LED headlights round out the build.


I think a RMT Bang frame with it's much nicer pilots and end safety rails would make a great model of the Whitcomb if a better/higher quality 3D print like the HO guys can get could be found.


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