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@PRRick posted:

Is this fastrack? Does the switch have the 1/4 curve that's included with them from the factory? I think that completes the full curve but I could be wrong.

Actually the filler piece is a straight unfortunately.  The curve if I remember for a O72 is complete BUT you cannot attach another curve directly to it because of the roadbed piece between the straight and curved portion so they provide a small straight piece to extend it out which kills the geometry of the curve.  I'm pretty sure the O60s are the same.

I ended up taking a piece of O72 curve and cut the roadbed off to fit and didn't use the short filler piece.  I'm not sure if this is what you are talking about but cutting the roadbed does work.

You can see the O72 with the cut roadbed.  Can hardly notice.


Here the cut is a little more visible.



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Lionel FasTrack

The 60 turnout section is equal to a 22.5* O60 curve + a 1-3/8" straight (included). But that doesn't fix the geometry issues caused. Nothing wrong with the O60 turnouts leading into sidings. But, as it was in my case, I was using it to branch off and turn 90* to go south to meet up with another line. There is no way to make the geometry work without using a 1-3/8" straight for every O60 curve. (No I'm not making crop circles.)

In the bottom right corner of the image, I put O60 curves in color on top of the O60 turnout. The O60 curve comes up short, by, you guessed it, 1-3/8." So you add on of the included 1-3/8" straights to an O60 curve if you want it to match the turnout section of the O60 switch. The bottom image shows that you can make a circle, or 1/2 or 1/4 circle, but you get a wonky 33-29/64" radius. I guess that's why you get 3 of the 1-3/8's straights with each purchase of an O60 turnout. You're going to need a lot of 'em!

60 Turnout

60 Turnout Circle


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  • 60 Turnout Circle
  • 60 Turnout

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