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A friend of mine (yes, I DO have friends...) showed up at my door last night with a large box under his arm.  In that box were his four shiny, new River Raisin USRA 0-6-0's.  Seeing he doesn't have a layout, he wanted to test run and have me photograph them. 


He's dropped some serious coin on these, but with River Raisin, you do indeed get what you pay for.  These guys run like Swiss watches, are detailed per the individual railroad are DCC and sound ready.


He doesn't mind showing them off, so here they are in a family portrait. 


Left to right:  B&OCT, NYC, NKP and PRR.



VCP 040712 01r


And individually, by the KGB's coaling tower, where Stan and Kyle, manage to continue to keep talking unfazed no matter what rolls past them:


B&OCT (My friend had an uncle that worked for them.)

VCP 040712 05r



VCP 040712 06r



VCP 040712 07r


and PRR in glorious Brunswick Green:

VCP 040712 08r


I've got to find a better angle so it doesn't look like the water plug is growing out of the stack...




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  • VCP 040712 08r
  • VCP 040712 01r
  • VCP 040712 05r
  • VCP 040712 06r
  • VCP 040712 07r
Original Post
Originally Posted by Lee 145:

Are these the ones?


They look very nice indeed, however 2Grand each is way out of my league. Whew...

Actually, post production pricing is $1499.00.


I'll admit, I couldn't justify one for myself either.  I tried, but couldn't no matter which way I looked at them, I couldn't.  My friend obviously could, and the side effect is I get to play with them for a while.


Right now, I'm keeping my powder dry for PBL's 60 ton Klicitat Log and Lumber Co. Shay, due out hopefully later this year.  I've got no idea what it's going to cost, but it's a "gotta have" for personal reasons.


And if River Raisin ever does Russian Decapods, I'm doomed...



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