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For reasons I cannot esplain, I got this idea that I wanted my trains to pick up oil from the drilling operation and transport it  to it's next point of processing--refinery or ?? I know nothing about oil production and transport. But I have no space nor inclination to model a refinery. 

I want to model oil fields--derricks and pumps and tanks and shipping facilities before the refinery comes  into play. I've looked at prototype pix and searched for references........and come up with not enough (for my limited skills) to model from. Kalmbach covered oil in volume 1 of the Industries series. It's out of print and junky paperback  copies are commanding big dollars.

Anyone want to sell their volume 1 inexpensively? Or point me to other inexpensive resources? Post pix of your layout showing same? Or ???

Any help appreciated. PS: I've got a bunch of Lionel derricks and pumps plus some tanks for a tank farm. I plan to use that stuff. So this will be a toy--not an exercise in prototype museum display work!

Thanks folks.

Don Merz

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I had an oil field, storage refinery area on my last layout:

  • Two Colber bubbling oil wells (one of which came off my high school train layout)
  • Three oil storage tanks (made from vegetable cans, masking tape and spray paint when I was in high school years ago)
  • Catcracker (an architectural model I picked up at a train meet for $20)
  • Sunoco "neon" sign from Miller Engineering mounted on a "pedestal wall"
  • Stub track that could hold two to three tank cars

I plan to have another scene like this on my next layout.

Refinery SceneRepaired Oil Well -- on left -- back on layout [1024x680)DSC01788DSC01401




Images (4)
  • Refinery Scene
  • Repaired Oil Well -- on left -- back on layout (1024x680)
  • DSC01788
  • DSC01401

Atlas has a tank car loading model that l found parts of, as l wanted something similar.  So l repaired this kit, built a chain link fence around it, added some horizontal tanks, a couple of locations for pumpjacks and vertical tanks, found Lionel's two tank cars for my favorite defunct oil company, Frontier, and tank trucks so lettered, but hardest thing was finding plain black tank cars for the crude, but did.  The refinery is somewhere over the rainbow.

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