At the risk of sounding dumb I have a question. With the MTH 24 port terminal block do I hook all negatives to the black side and all positives to the red side? When wiring my Christmas layout I wired red and black on the same side and it worked fine but I've been reading stuff that suggests that's wrong! I know on the twelve port obviously it's black on the black side red on the other! I am wiring the new permanent layout and trying to keep explosions and fires to a minimum LOL! As always, thanks for the help!

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The 24 port board is set up a little differently than the 12 port.  The shorter screw terminals (Labeled A / closest to the edges) are connected to the Red (+) and the taller terminals (Labeled B / in the center) are connected to the Black (-). 


You can connect red and black on the same side but you have to keep red on the shorter terminals (labeled A) and black on the taller terminals (labeled B).


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On the MTH 24 port terminal block, the lower levels are all positive (red), and all the upper raised levels are all negative (black) on BOTH SIDES.  All of the upper & lower ports below red are NOT all positive, likewise all uppers & lowers below the black post are NOT all negative.  If you turn it over, you can see on the bottom the printed circuit board travels from the main red terminal to all 24 lower ports on both sides. Black terminal goes to all 24 upper ports on both sides. 

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