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Well RedJimmy, I went home on Friday evening each of the two times I went to York, but I didn't need to worry about giving Mrs. B. a mission while I unloaded. 

As for this York week, I did do something unexpected but it fits right in with York.  The last time I was at York, I saw a PS3 Premier Western Maryland Russian Decapod for sale.  I was tempted as it is the only remaining Western Maryland engine I would like to have, but I did not spend the $650 or $700 as I recall.  Well, this York week, I put in a bid on the MTH sell off run by Cabin Fever Auction for the PS2 3-volt board version of the same engine 20-3311-1 pilot sample prototype.  I just came in from a break in leaf blowing and bagging to see I won the item with a bid of $383.  My high bid cutoff was $400.  I never won an auction before.  Even with the added cost going to Cabin Fever, I'm pretty happy.

Today my coworkers were reflecting on where I would have been last week, and one in particular noted about October 2017 as he went with me. He said, "Dave just kept on talking, and when Saturday came around, when everything was ending, he was still talking up a storm."

Yeah, that was the first York I attended, and my buddy Bob got stuck waiting for me to stop talking so we could hit the road. Granted it was before noon, and I did tell him maybe leaving by 10-10:30. I think we left it was closer to 12, lol. Hey, when you love trains, there's a lot to talk about.

Yeah, my buddies asked how many times I attended, said if we had this and April's it would have been five. Well, whether it's 3, 5, 10, or 200, you gotta love it when we're out there being who we are talking to our train buddies. It is something that you reflect on from time to time. I was telling Bob who really enjoyed 2017's weather about how wet and rainy it was last October at Strasburg. DougN and I were at both the RR Museum and the TTM with wet feet. The joke was that Mike was looking for a boat to get there that was why he was late, but I can't even remember when he got there.

All and all it was one of the best last year for me with York, 611 & NJ Hirailers all in one weekend. I told my brother that I may have needed another week to recover.

We'll get back there Mark, just take some more time. Just have to wait and see how things come together and such.

@dkdkrd posted:

We had a 'Spample' memorial breakfast.

Spam...the Middle Earth breakfast meat celebrated west of the Appalachians, east of the Rockies.

Some pigs meet their end as a ham,

Others on a spit with an apple.

Still others are canned into Spam,

But the remnants are made into scrapple.


That's pretty clever. There have been some good ones posted on this forum around York time. The two I remember are:

  • "Scrapple. The other gray meat!"
  • "Scrapple. Everything but the oink!"

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