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Went to the OKC Train Show past weekend, Dec. 7-8th... glad I did.   Great Lionel PW items came home, 3 good cars for my military consist, MTH scale 70ft StFe five car streamline pass set, four new Atlas two axle trucks, TMCC lockon, Lionel tunnel portals, some PlasticvilleLionel PW #40 Reel w 18ga wire and celo sealLionel PW 2530... all for under 3 hundred.  But best of all, a 28in turntable for one hundred dollars.  Complete and runs great.  No indexing, but very smooth and great slow speed with the DC transformer I used to test.  And, very well built, detailed, and easily built up to my needed 33in bridge for the UP 4012.

Jesse   TCA  12-6827527.5 inch turntable27.5 inch turntable DC motor and gear box


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  • 27.5 inch turntable
  • 27.5 inch turntable DC motor and gear box
  • Lionel PW #40 Reel w 18ga wire and celo seal
  • Lionel PW 2530
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Nope, no problem at all due to the slow and very smooth operation of it.  Just simple line of sight, and indexing can be added later should I decide.  But, for only one hundred dollars.... no complaints!!  And with the reverse switch on the Tyco HO transformer, both directions and reversing is very tight and no jerking, really smooth operations.


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Took measurements of all larger scale engines for distance between lead truck front axle and rear bogey axle for required length of TT bridge track.  Thought about this, decided to list for others to have for their info in quest for correct TT for current or future motive power units.  Hope this is of use to others and save time/money when matching TT bridge and wheel arrangements.

St Fe Northern 3751, 3rd Rail     26in                    U.P. Challengers     Lionel       29in                       U.P. Big Boy     MTH           33in                           S.P. Cab Forward     3rd Rail       28in                     E8  A-A units     K Line            33in                        Erie FM A-A units    Atlas    31in                       NYC Niagara 6024     Lionel        27in                     E6 A-A units      MTH              33in                        S.P. GS4   4410      Lionel    26in                       StFe YB3  1795      Lionel            26in                      U.P. FEF   8444    Weaver       27in                        F3 A-B-A      Lionel, MTH     36in                       GN  4-8-4  2558     3rd Rail        25in                      NYC Vandy Hudson    Lionel   24in                     St Fe  PA-PB   2000    Lionel   30in                     U.P. Propane Turbine    MTH     31in                      Veranda Turbines  #73,#75     29in                    T&P  4-8-2   #907    Lionel     24in

The TT bridge track measures a tight 28in, so it is good for most motive power.  Half of my larger engines fit this, only need to add 2.5in on each end and all steam power fits on TT bridge.  There are "prototypical" examples of this for upgraded TT  to handle larger steam by many railroads.  On some, the additional rail lengths were attached as needed and then elevated to clear the whisker tracks until aligned.

Jesse   TCA  12-68275            


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