Finally finished my old Lionel TTUX Collection. Actually these NON-SCALE cars and trailers really don’t look bad operating with the big boys. I always liked them for what ever reason and my Grand Sons really love them because of the trailers. So I decided to fix em up a bit and they really don’t look out of place. Six sets make up a nice train.

Back in the day, I paid 75 bucks for the Sea Land set. Today, I’ve added the other units from ebay at 30 bucks a set. Not a bad price now. Think I got all the good ones at a nice price as well!


Lionel TTUX SP Collection [1)

Lionel TTUX SP Collection [2)

Lionel TTUX SP Collection [3)

Lionel TTUX SP Collection [4)


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I have a bunch of these along with the well cars.  They do look great operating as unit trains.  When you add the Mi Jack gantry to the mix it makes for lots of operating fun.  I practically have to pry my grandsons fingers off the remote to get him to come to dinner!!!


I have a bunch of these, probably about 20 sets.  They are impressive in a long train, and they don't look out of place in a scale setting.

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