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NKP Muncie posted:

Not sure this really falls into the category, since it's not New York proper, but I didn't want to post a new thread about it. These are grabs from a movie that was on FXM the other day - "Woman's World," from 1954. Near the beginning, three couples are arriving in New York - one by plane, one by train, one by car. The folks in the plane see these scenes:


The second one appears, to me, to be a Brunswick Green GG1 leading over the Hackensack River, just west of what is now the Secaucus station. I-95 at upper right.


That's Portal Drawbridge - originally PRR then PC and now Amtrak. It's a movable bridge built 111 years ago and slated for replacement. Here are two links with more information on it:




BTW the road / bridge seen in the background is the New Jersey Turnpike's (a.k.a. I-95) eastern spur to the Lincoln Tunnel.

mlaughlinnyc posted:

That was more than a train show at Hoboken.  It was one of the great O gauge model railroads of all time, the New York Society of Model Engineers.  

My father and I made the pilgrimage from the Bronx on more than one occasion to this layout.  Subway, bus, and then the ferry ride made it quite a day. Good memories!


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