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In 1971 or 72 or 73 I received a Lionel train set for Christmas. Some 10 or 11 years later it was stolen. I would very much like to replace this now. Problem is my parents nor I have any idea which one I had. I have narrowed it down to possibly the Silver Star set No. 6-1183. Everything in it I remember except the red stripe on the Locomotive. What I do remember was a blue transformer (research shows early 70s) and a figure 8 track. It had a hopper car, flat car, gondola and caboose. Identical to the silver star No. 6-1183. I also remember the smoke by adding some oil but not the steam sound introduced in 71.  After reading other post and such is it possible the store it was obtained from had a promotional that I cannot seem to find? It most likely would have been ordered from Sears or Montgomery wards or even Spiegel's. We did have a Sears and Montgomery Wards store in town so it could have been obtained there. I am almost positive there was no red stripe on the engine and coal tender. The Blue transformer and figure 8 narrows it down but nothing I can find. The only other one that is even close is the Southern Express No. 6-1384 from 1973 but this wasn't it either because the locomotive and tender is green. Hoping that someone might have an idea of where to look or what I am missing. Thank you

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Silver Star was my first set as well, still have it.  Ditto to what Randy B said.

A hobby shop I was in before Christmas had the set in the box.  

I did not see inside box to see if complete.  They don't list the trains they have on their site,  mostly an RC shop.

Will send info if interested.    

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Thanks for all the replies! and Happy New Year! To answer Don yes it was plastic. Black with white numbers and Pennsylvania on side of coal tender. That rules out the Silver Star and the Southern Express. I forgot about Western auto we did have a large one in town as well. The blue transformer showed up in early 70s. The figure 8 narrows it way down. That is what is throwing me off. The Silver Star matches perfectly except the locomotive and Tender mine was all black with white numbers and Silver Star is gray with red stripe. It has to be a promo for a store. That makes it harder to find info on. Sounds like my best bet is to get a Silver star set ad then find a locomotive to match.

I would like to thank all who tried to help. After much looking and watching Ebay I finally found it. Only difference is mine had a red flat car. The reason I could not find it is it appears to be a special addition. There is no model number but it is missing one end flap to the box. I say special addition because it has a sticker on the front of the box that says die cast. I am attaching the pictures of the box.


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Congrats on finding your set!  It looks like you have set # 1291. Per Greenberg's, that was sold through Sears in 1972, and was not in the Lionel catalogue. Contents were:

8042 Pennsylvania loco, black, die-cast metal, smoke, headlight, no sound; 9062 Penn Central caboose; 9022 ATSF flatcar; 9141 BN gondola; 9012 TA&G hopper. This one did have the figure-8 track, too.

The ATSF flatcar can be found in both red and black.

My parents bought me the Circa 1971 Silver Star Set with 6-8141 2-4-2 plastic Steam Locomotive and tender in Gunmetal Gray with red stripe and Mighty Sound of Steam when the loco tether was connected to the tender. It came with a yellow 6-9020 Union Pacific flat car with black plastic stakes, a Light Blue 6-9011 Great Northern hopper, green 6-9142 Republic Steel Gondola with cannisters and jade 6-9062 Penn Central Caboose packed in a styrofoam container with a light blue 6-4150 50W transformer. Most likely purchased at the Bailey's Crossroads ToysRUs in Northern Virginia where in 1973, I got to pick out a navy & yellow  6-8250 AT&SF GP-9 from what appeared to me at the time to be a huge wall of Lionel MPC trains.

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