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The Atlas SW-(7)9 series probably has a 20 to 30 year history.  Excellent horizontal drive, that can produce (slow), switcher speed, without more modern electronic speed control. There was, in the early 90's, TAS, Train America Studios, (Lionel, generic), TMCC, upgrade, that allowed for controlled light, electro-coupler, and with a lot of work, a good speaker, (and sound), in the fuel tank.

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Don't own much atlas - i have read some of the older Atlas is not as good?  Anyone have any comments on this particular locomotive.   Looking at possible purchase...

Atlas 3 Rail O Scale #6835-2 GE Dash 8-40B Norfolk Southern #4814 w/ Lionel TMCC

I have to chime in, non cruise engines work fine. Never had an issue. It’s back to the (I need that thing) . If it’s TMCC only it has 32 speed steeps and runs just fine. When it came out I bet these people said “ this is the greatest” LMAO.  BTW you can lash up new and old just turn off the 100 speed steps and they default to 32 so a non Legacy and Legacy can and do play together.



Photo and video show my Atlas O New York Central SW8 diesel switcher #9620 delivered in 2001 with MSRP $349.95. It is accurate and highly detailed with a diecast shell - one of a series of EMD SW locomotive models by Atlas O. It has a single horizontal motor with two flywheels. I run it conventionally and don’t use it for switching but it runs smoothly at low speeds, even without speed control. As far as I know, it doesn't have TMCC.




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