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I have an older MTH Railking engine with a weird type of issue, hopefully someone has a good idea how this can get going.

Model: 6-8-6 S-2 Turbine Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0 with BCR installed, probably item #30-1308-1 though I think it came from a RTR set, I do not have the original box/paperwork.

- it WORKS (runs fine) on tracks that are not connected to a DCS TIU
- it DOES NOT WORK (no indication of life) on tracks that have a DCS TIU connected

I picked up the engine from a friend a few years ago, it's always runs fine on tracks conventionally
but I was recently able to pickup a TIU & handheld and I wanted to see it run via handheld.

I tested other engines (PS3) and they run fine on the tracks, so I'm not sure why the turbine
isn't getting found by the handheld.

Here's a video of it running pre-TIU, note I tested it again today on a non-TIU track to make sure all was OK (after testing on TIU track).

Thank you...Rich 


Original Post

Hey Ron ,

I have a similar ( or not ) issue that Murnane had with the no engine found.

THE  PROBLEM  Gp30 Premier  GM&O ( redone as a B&O )    that I have been running in a lash up with a Gp30 Premier B&O .   

I had to enter a new release Premier UP F7.    I took the output leads from fixed 1 from my outer loop with all the  other engines parked on it and hooked up a thirty inch Realtrack section to do the add on. 

Everything worked OK with the F7 being added.     When I reattached the fixed one to the outer loop I only had the F7 as  active.    No problem . I just went down the 20 total engines listed now as inactive  and selected and entered each one and everything was back on the active list............except the Gp30 GM&O from the lash up.

It showed on the inactive listings twice. When  I tried to select and enter  it like the other engines .......It disappeared from the inactive list and never got to the active list like the other engines.   IT  JUST HYPERSPACED TO SOME OTHER WORLD. 

 I tried the recover method,  factory reset, tried to  add MTH engine .  No engine on track kept coming up. No lights ,sounds or any indication of life.   Made sure wheels and pickups were clean.  Center rail pickup and ground wires all had good continuity throughout. 

  I then put it on my six foot test track with the Z1000 and Z-controller with full functions returning.     I did the old 1 horn -5 bell tap dance several times with the two horn response each time.  Great.😀

Back on DCS........ NOTHING  ,even after trying the add MTH engine .  Totally quiet on the track.😐     DCS  says i have no engine on track.

The other engine on that lash up didn't even hiccup.  Ran like a top .....Just like all the other reactivated engines.

Help   ........ I'm getting a headache







If I read everything correctly, you tried a Recover Engine, Factory Reset, Conventional Reset and the Engine bounced around from Active to InActive (Dumbest thing MTH ever created) and now you can't see the engine in the remote at all.

I have only one other suggestion and then you need one of these DCS experts to chime in.  Delete the Lash up and the other good B&O engine.  If your engine is lost on its own and you did not delete it, it may still be there.  Deleting these may also clear your ghost engine.  Then add the B&O and then try adding the GM&O again.

I just grasping here so if someone else has a better idea, chime in.

I'm out of other ideas.



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@Murnane posted:

Thanks @Mark Boyce - I've been doing TMCC for all these years, have a couple other DCS engines that I ran at the club and at a friends house using their wiFi and the free app from MTH, but the handheld is nice, I might get the cable that connects the cab1 to the TIU and use the MTH handheld for everything, not sure yet though.

Rich, The WIU and app are great tools.  I tried them and see their potential, but the app didn't work well for me.  I really need the physical buttons and thumbwheel with my problem hands.  I bump the screen at places I don't want way too much with any app.  I gave a fellow Forum member a nice deal on the slightly used WIU.  


The remote has lost the engine number. It happened to me on one of the Versions of DCS 4.xx I think. 

You can add the engine back into the remote and it will come up with a different engine number in the remote as the number is gone.  The only way to get the original engine number back in that remote is with a remote reset and that will clear the remote. If you have another remote cloned you can easily get the remote back as it was without having to re-add all the engines.

Hey ROB , MARK and JOE ,

it was the REMOTE.

I lit up my spare remote and with no test track I was able to easily pick up 6 engines.  That was on two separate loops about 200 feet of track with 20 engines ready for orders. 🤓

When I tried to delete the B&O lash up on the original remote I lost the other B&O  engine.   I thought maybe a lash up issue.   I started up my new PREMIER plated Santa Fe AA lash up and lost the tail engine.😨

I opened up the REV L 6.1 and my remote and couldn't find anything amiss .    I grabbed the spare remote in desperation and everything began falling into place.

Joe, tomorrow I will try to figure out how to reset the original remote as you suggested .

My lady is ready to go up to bed so I'll say a good night to you.

A HUGE thank you guys.🤗






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