I posted a wanted ad for a lionel 6-8458 and was answered by a man named Robbie Wright from Taylors South Carolina that he had one for sale. I sent money via Western Union and it was picked up. Haven't heard from him since. Has anybody heard of this person?

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but chances are high that it was a scam.  I was contacted a couple of times after posting want ads here and the person only wanted to be paid via Western Union.  They always had pictures and the price was really, really good.  

I hope this isn't the case for you.


Roger....you probably didn't do yourself any good for a few reasons:  First, you posted your email address in the thread you started rather than posting it in your profile.  Why is that important?...well, anyone on the internet can come to this site and see every post...BUT...unless they are a member, they do not have access to your profile information.  So...if you had put your email address in your profile within the display email, you could have instructed folks to go to your profile for contact information.  Only members would have been able to do that...not just anyone cruising the web looking for victims.  Still...it doesn't mean that you are perfectly safe from getting ripped off because we found a member or two on this forum that have joined and then used other email addresses/contact info to rip members off.  It works like this:  a person will apply for membership giving us information that actually belongs to them and it checks out during our verification process which is very thorough.  Then they contact members that are looking to buy items.  When they contact them, they don't use their forum membership info instead using phony information.  So how do you protect yourself from those kind of crooks....well....one of the first questions you ask before even discussing any details is for them to identify themselves by telling you who they are on the forum...what their avatar name is.  Then you can go to that member name to see who you about to deal with.  You also insist that they use the email address within their profile and their physical address as far as you sending payment.  THEN, do not send payment unless you use a payment service like PayPal.  Never use cash, Western Union, Gift cards, or any other form of payment that amounts to sending them cash without recourse.  Finally, you can always check out the address someone gives you when they ask you to send money.  Google the address and you will find a variety of ways to find out who lives at that address.  I have found that most times, the rip off artists give an address for a home that is currently for sale and empty.  They simply pick up any packages or mail they have directed to that address and no one notices since no one is living there!

I checked in our system and we do not have a "Robby" Wright registered under that specific name.  I am afraid sir that you may have been cheated...but...if you want to contact me offline with the email address and physical address he used, I will do some investigating. 

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