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Not this one, and I have built or rebuilt a handful of the kits.  This one I merely installed the underbody and re-decaled it.


It is full O scale - it's resin and a Car Works product of many years ago.  Think I have one for the reefer in the queue to do and it strikes me that I should pull it out and tear into it now.


Last East Penn meet in May I could have picked up 5-6 All Nation/Zimmer kits for this car and most very reasonable.  Midwest was not in attendance in May but they used to offer built up versions in wood that you had to finish, but those were custom built and a tad pricy.


Not a hard car to scratchbuild if you have the right roof section as that is not the same contour and width as regular pass car clerestory roof.


   Way cool for us guys who have homes in Churchill with a Turtle Creek address, would love to have a couple Box Cars for my multi level Layout.  daveb thanks for posting the original picture way cool stuff.  As far as I know, no company has ever made any O Gauge rolling stock of the Turtle Creek Central RR Cars. 


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