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  I relooked at all your posts and I need to once again say you have done some amazing work. Wow.

  Glad to know I could tap into the work of someone who is able to successfully channel his "Inner John Allen." Please keep these previously hidden talents handy when I need help with my next layout!

  Excellent work my friend. Very proud of you!


Recently a fellow OGR modeler requested a tutorial on how I made the guide rails (or guard rails).

It really is simple and I did not take pictures of the construction but here are some shots of a post I used for a starter.

This post was short because the part going into the foam was not factored in at this point.  I figured how high I wanted the post then cut all the rest longer as I needed.  The posts are 3/16 dia. wooden dowels and the holes for the cable (string) are 1/16 dia.


I painted the post white and then painted the yellow tops after the white was dry.  I used a stretchy necklace string for the cable.  This is the same string I used for the power lines on the poles.  I dirtied it up just a little with thinned black paint as I did not want it too shiny.
I laid out the posts to figure out how far apart I needed them and drilled holes into the foam... carefully by hand.  Foam will tear when drilling so this process is slow.
Before installing the posts I strung the two rows in all the posts.  This was a bit tedious as the thread & holes were a close fit.  I did not want the holes too big as they would not look correctly.  I set all the posts in the foam with yellow carpenters glue and when dry, I pulled the string so it was fairly straight and ran it into the "ground" at both ends.  That's it.


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