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I originally posted this in the layout design section, but it might be a better fit here:

I've been in model railroading a long time and I've always had small layouts that featured continuous running. But just hasn't been holding my interest to watch the train go round and round....

So I decided to design a new layout where the trains had to be operated, with mandatory back-up moves and lots of switching. On30 is a perfect scale/gauge combination for this type of plan, and the typical short narrow gauge train length is a key to operating the layout.

What do you think? By the way, the minimum radius is 16.875...and I know it is very small. I've tested my equipment to make sure it will operate reliably on the small radius curves, and I've used larger radius curves when possible.

Jeff C
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What motive power are you using, Jeff?

I'm a big fan of small "critters" myself--Porters, gas mechanicals, rail buses, and the like--but have found that most all of my On30, with a few exceptions, will handle fairly tight-radius curves. I have examples of most every locomotive Bachmann (and some others) have produced in On30, and I think the only ones I recall having problems with while pulling a train through 18" radius curves were the Forney, the Baldwin 2-8-0, and the Ten-Wheeler. These days, and only having a small test-track layout in On30, I'm pretty much restricted to 18" radius curves, although I hope to be able to expand to something more grand at some point in the future.


I like your plan, provides for swithing and some continuos running, without a huge amount of space.  Steam or diesel?  I have just started in 2 rail scale, using a old Varney/GM B&O 4-6-0 as my loco roster, with some All Nation would boxcar kits.  Gotta find a couple of Intermountain B&O hoppers. Going to handlay turnouts & track.

Enjoy, keep us updated

Mike P

"Does "actually working on it" mean design or actual construction?  


That design is more interesting than your average shelf type switching layout. "


It's actually under construction--I have a thread about scratchbuilding a turnout for the layout in the O 2-R forum.


I've also decided to work a little On30 into the plan, and I'm keeping the double duckunder that was in my original plan (before I omitted it in the plan above) --at least until it drives me nuts!


Jeff C


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