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I'm new to On30 scale as of today.  I acquired a collection of Hawthorn Village Budweiser cars and engine at a price I couldn't refuse.   I had never heard of them before now, so, other than a little oil is there anything special they need before running?  Will the engine hold up for a while or should I start looking for something stronger?  It came with a lot of Bachman E-z track still in its sleeves and I'll try to fit it inside my smallest O gauge oval.  Any advice on setting this up would be appreciated.

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They are made by Bachmann for the Hawthorn Village collectable's They are over Priced new! but in the used market there are some good deals out there. Bachmann's spectrum line is a step above, , most people that buy them are not model railroaders and have never lubed the engine causing many to fail , I recommend  linking up with the ON30 community on Facebook.   I like them and  have 6 or7  , and remember they are O scale.

The Bachmann mogul is a good running engine and will last a long time with periodic oil and cleaning the wheels. I’d be surprised if it will pull all of those cars though, even on level track. 10 cars is a hefty load for that engine.

The McHenry coupler work ok but aren’t great.  They should stay coupled fine once connected. They don’t work very well in uncoupling/switching operations which I don’t think you’ll need to worry about. If you want to upgrade them, I’d suggest Kadee 148’s. Converting to On3 couplers would be a chore on these cars and is not worth the trouble for a whimsical set.

I have changed the topic heading to reflect the current status.  I was able to make room for this narrow-gauge train by taking out the O gauge Fastrack on the upper level.  It's a good thing that a lot of track came with this collection.  I think I used about 20 curved sections and only 4 straights.  Needless to say, I have about 40 straights left over.


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