Onboard camera systems

That's a nice layout, very well done and it's nice to see that you let the kids get involved, very important theses days!


I noticed that you are using a Dell computer monitor that I assume has a direct composite input, so you don't need any type of converter. How does the system react with with other displays? The reason I ask is at one time I used an HP computer monitor with a direct composite input on it and as soon as the signal blipped the monitor would exaggerate the signal interference and seemed to take longer for it to recover than my 32" CRT TV. Not that you want to carry a 90 pound TV to each show!

Now when I used my composite to VGA converter with that same HP monitor it worked flawlessly.


H1000 posted:

Well, I found a live HD FPV camera system that is "somewhat" affordable. You get 720p at 60 FPS and 1ms of latency.  The downside is obviously cost, the system will set you back just over $400. I'm sure that time will eventually bring that cost down.

Check it out here: Connex Prosight

Yes, that. There are some sites that have it under 300$.

These are still classified under normal 5.8GHz equipment and still require HAM Technician class license (Because you have the potential to transmit copyrighted material). Several websites refuse to sell to me as I live in the US.

So digging around, I have found the FCC's filed "Notice of Violation" with distributors. I can at least give the link.


An interesting read in honesty, but its a shame this had to happen.

For those who want the nitty-gritty, you will want to scroll down to Appendix A and verify that your transmitters are NOT on that list.

I see both my 25mW and 650mW are on this list... Thankfully I just need to not operate them in the bands specified.

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