Have you ever modified a passenger car to an open air coach like those some tourist short lines run in the summertime similar to the open air coach used in the movie "Hello, Dolly"?

If you have, please share pictures of them. 




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If you model a railroad like Strasburg, or Durango, that runs them as part of their regular consist, it would fit. But I don't have the talent or nerve to do it. There are a few who post here that I have no doubt could do it!

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I think La Belle makes (or made) kits to make a open sided excursion car. Bachmann makes a nice one in HO scale. They actually have made two. It looks like for the more one elaborate one they followed the prototype of the Disney world cars Which are in turn patterned after Jackson Sharpe cars. The second is patterned after more modern homemade prototypes like those in use at Durango & Silverton.


I like the flip over seats on the more elaborate one. There is a great trolly car like this at Riverside Amusement park in CT that I rode on a few times last summer. Fun stuff.




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Originally Posted by rattler21:

Williams MOW project 1

Williams MOW project 2

Williams MOW project 3 - floor

Work Train Williams obsvn car cut down

Williams observation car cut by Terry Nelms of Lebanon, Tenn.  It proves the concept

of starting with a heavyweight passenger car.

The items in the open portion could be replaced with benches, tables and chairs.  Enclosed portion could be a snack bar or kitchen.  Many options.


This is all good stuff! I have a car in mind for a project like this.  




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