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Has anyone had any luck running the MTH Coors Silver Bullet set using the Lionel Legacy Remote?  I had an MTH explorer that worked however it went south on me and I don't have any other MTH DCS backup items to use for power.

I turned on my layout conventionally and that worked using the bell, whistle combination to get the set to do the FYS and open up the reefers, however, when I went to Legacy power with the remote, I was able to get the train running but cannot for the life of me get it to run the FYS and open up the reefers when I use the bell, whistle combinations.

Has anyone else even tried this at all?  Using the Legacy remote to run this set?  Have you had any luck?  Any problems?  Any helpful tips and/or tricks, other than going out and getting a DCS system setup?

Appreciate you guys!  THanks.

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I am actually using a ZW-C with 2 180 watt powerhouses, so the ZW-C acts like what a powermaster would I believe.  THe ZW-C has given me normal track voltage when running in conventional mode and I haven't had any issues running the MTH set including getting the FYS to work using the bell/whistle combinations when running in conventional.

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