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So...I just purchased a new MTH RailKing Operating Car Wash and Gas Station. I hooked it up by the introductions that came with the product. Here is the issue. Anytime I hook up the activation button it continuously runs throu the cycle over and over. I thought that it would stop and would not start again until the activation button was pressed. If I unhook the activation button the cycle stops after one run through. Why is this happening? Am I doing something wrong?

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Well then, it must be the wiring. It's interesting that it works correctly when you disconnect the wire.

Any chance you could post a photo of your wiring?

The switch is very basic. It just connects for a moment when pressed. I have a feeling something is overlooked here.

I hate to ask, but you are connecting the switch correctly?

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It sure seems like the switch is the issue.


As I understand what you've done so far, you disconnect the switch from the 2 bare wires connected to A and C; the accessory is OFF.  If you momentarily touch the 2 bare wires together then the accessory runs 1 cycle.  If you manually hold the 2 bare wires together it run over and over.

I realize you have tried 3 switches but it's hard to see how it can be anything else!  I don't know about your MTH switches but if your doorbell switch is lighted, those are "partially" closed electrically even when unpressed due to the light bulb inside.  If such is the case you need to remove the light bulb.


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Still does not explain why 2 mth switches did not work. I also do not see how the light in switch mattered.  It is not connected to ground at all.   Basically A terminal gets AC red and B gets AC Black input power.   D and E get same but for lights only.

When you """momentarily""" touch A and C (I use a simple short wire when testing and repairing these) the unit starts it cycle.  You had to have some other wiring issue getting A and C connected continuously.   G

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