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G'day one and all from Sydney, Australia

As of today I have acquired a Brass Williams Crown Edition model No.5602 NYC 4-8-4 Niagara #6010 Steam Locomotive & Tender from a collector. I am extremely happy with this purchase and look forward to running it!

Unfortunately the seller has missed place the Operating Instruction Manual and if its not to much trouble could someone please scan and forward me a copy please.

This locomotive has been on display and has never been run since purchased.

What should I look for before running it on my layout? Any advise would be appreciated!

Cheers to one and all.

Sydney, Australia


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  • Williams Brass No. 5602 NYC Niagara 4-8-4 Loco #6010 - 6
  • Williams Brass No. 5602 NYC Niagara 4-8-4 Loco #6010 - 9
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The "I think I can" sound was only in the engines with the QSI sound system.  It is easy to tell if you have one of these systems by removing the tender shell and looking at the boards installed there.  The plain jane reverse is 1 board where the QSI system is multiple stacked.  My Niagara came with reverse unit only and no sounds.  This was the base model.

I would give the loco a thorough cleaning and then oil all of the axles with a drop or two of oil.  The put her on the track and watch her go.  These engines are ferocious pullers.  I routinely task them with pulling 12 or 14 MTH 18" cars around the layout.  Looks great too.

I did have one issue with mine.,  The compressors mounted on the front of the loco were mounted too low and interfered with the pilot truck.  A little filing and grinding took care of the problem.


G'day Rolland, I believe I have the base model too. My Niagara comes with a reverse unit only and no sound it would seem! I've seen on YouTube some operators upgrade their Williams with the MTH sound boards. I'm quite happy to leave mine OEM. Thanks for the heads up on the compressors mounted on the front of the loco, mate. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for any issues. The cleaning and lubrication of all the axles with oil is a given. With the QSI sound system, I have enough locomotives with sound and crew talk. Sometimes depending on the the mood I'm in, I just enjoy hearing the wheels on the tracks and that is relaxing enough just to enjoy the model they way it was meant to be run! My grandsons love to hear the toots, whistles and chuffs sounds. And that's OK too. lol. Mate, thanks for the advise and feed back. It is much appreciated.

Cheers Al

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