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Generally speaking, using AC in models results in a little more heat because it gets converted to DC, to be used in turn by a DC motor, at least in most modern locomotives.  This conversion process generates a little extra heat because it's not 100% efficient.

For incandescent lamps there is no difference.

For LED's AC again generates a little more heat because the LED, via its diode function, blocks 1/2 of the AC waveform.  This too is not 100% efficient.


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@Mellow Hudson Mike, the opposite is true of open frame motors. They run measurably hotter on DC whereas in your case with DC can motors, the rectifier emits a negligible mount of heat barely perceptible to performance.

3 Rail O Gauge has been low voltage AC for over a century. There is essentially ****nothing in the 3 rail O Gauge arena that won't operate on AC. Stick with the establishment.

****There are always a few exceptions to the rule - there were some low cost sets that are DC only, but these are very very limited and of no real value to be concerned with.

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