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I recently installed a operating track on my layout to control a log dump car. I put a different train setup on the tracks tonite and noticed that my mth lighted caboose disconnected at the activation track by itself. When i went over to the track i could hear the magnet activating without the button being pressed. I then ran my lionchief plus engine over the track again slowly and noticed that when the front wheels of the engine and when the lighted caboose car go over the track it is activating. I am not sure why this happening, any suggestions would be great, thanks in advanced.

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I'm not a fastrack fan so I have none in use, but I found this little tidbit in the UCS remote track service manual fixed voltage operation section - "To prevent a short circuit the fixed voltage and the variable track voltage circuits should have a common ground."

I feel like this might be worth a shot with the fastrack operating track.  Before you try it be sure to properly phase the two power supplies.

All the grounds on my setup are tied together so I have no problem using accessory power for my remote control tracks.


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