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I posted this request on another OGR forum and it was deleted.  I suspect it was because I had a specific reference to another website for comparison to my suggestion.  I'll not do that this time.

Other forum websites will send you only 1 email for a new post on a thread that you're subscribed to and that is it until you login and actually look at that thread.  It doesn't send you 30 emails for new posts on the same thread like OGR.  I believe that unnamed forum doesn't even give you an option to get emails for all new posts for a subscribed thread, you only get 1 email until you login.

I want to know if there's an update to a thread, but I don't need to see 30 notices.  I'm not suggesting to modify how the 'Alerts' banner works, that is okay with me.

I went through all the settings and can not see how this could be done.

Final note:

The thread is closed, fine.  In response to the moderator, I do know you can turn off notifications.  That is not what I want.  I want to limit notifications.

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