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With the shuffling of the tables due to the COVID spacing guidelines, I suspect it's taking them a bit longer to update the locations.

That would be my guess, too. Actually, I'm not counting on seeing a published table map because in some cases decisions (to attend or not) are still being made by some sellers and exhibitors. This particular meet has to be a real planning headache for the hard-working folks in the Eastern Division who always do their very best to put on a great event.


We all like your table/ booth location. Catch us when you can on the fairgrounds on one of the many halls!
By the way, did you ever write the column about Clyde?

Saving Clyde for the first issue of the new year.

See you at York, Ted . . . at least I hope I will because our York badges are apparently a bit screwed up. They were supposed to be sent to our individual home addresses (me, Dave, Ed) but all were sent to Alan Arnold (just received in Arkansas yesterday) and each badge is a bit different, according to Alan. If I receive them before I leave on Wednesday is anyone's guess. I have no idea where our booth will be (paid for, but will only be occupied by a banner I will be erecting). Supposed to be in our usual corner location across from Steve at Ross Switches, but we shall see. Will just have to deal with things one step at a time.

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