I've been hearing this a lot recently.."orders are closed".   So I gotta let everyone know...Orders never completely close till they are really all gone from sources.    Now..im not trying to discourage anyone from ordering early, but we order extras on everything that we order ahead.  Of course, we dont order everything ahead, only stuff that fits into our core of products (nice, full scale sized stuff, reasonably priced, mostly diesels/freight cars and passenger cars).  Also if we runout of something before it actually shows up from the mfgr...we will try to get more.....Factory overage, cancellations,etc. 

A long time customer of ours called me a few months ago looking for an Atlas  Burlington F-3 set.  "Orders were closed" years ago, but we got him a set. Now that doesnt mean we can get anything.  Lionel MTO stuff is only avbl if we have extras left, or theres a cancellation we can grab, or if our supplier has extras.  They are pretty tight....and quite frankly, everyone is pretty tight on the mfg qtys these days.

So anyway...if you are looking for something, and your dealer says "orders are closed", feel free to check our website. 



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You are smart to order extras.  There a many reasons why someone may not preorder but later wants an item.  Interests change, life situations can preoccupy and cause missing an order deadline.  Financial abilities may vary and improve from the time all these orders were due sometimes years ago.

I passed on the Illinois Terminal NS1072 Heritage loco, but later had seen the loco many times and now would buy one.  

Beth, great job of having great items available as best you can! 

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