Great thread. It is said that memories last forever. Each one of these items recalls a different period in model railroading history along with some happy times among many friends at the meets and shows. 

Builder of the Hill Lines ( New Delta Lines). Recreating history for the model RR community.

Here are more rectangular OGR buttons from the "stash". They are earlier buttons that used our web address before we started using the "OGR Family Member" tag on our rectangular buttons.

Also found an envelop opener. If you have one you can put your own business card in it to personalize yours.

More to come , folks !



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You definitely have a " Smithsonian" class collection. Thank you so much for sharing these items. I'm looking forward to any future story you may write about these OGR items. How decisions were made, who thought up the graphics, any interesting bits of OGR folklore you might uncover I think would be of great interest to everybody.


Here the Miller OGR window sign installed at the OGR world headquarters building on my layout - to save some money, OGR shares the space with a local dairy...or so it seems!


Chief Engineer of The Gitler Central Coast Railroad

Three Dimensional Art In Motion With Sound ©

Member TCA, LCCA and LOTS

Happy Railroading!


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You may have an OGR Beep, but I'll guarantee that the number is not 2004.

We did these in 2002 and 2005. The 2002 release coincided with the birth of my first grandson. When the second grandson was born in 2004, I had one of the 2005 units renumbered to commemorate the year of his birth.

Rich Melvin

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I was wondering how long it would take before you showed the folks OGR Beep #2004. It looks great as well as meaningful.

Jon, I didn't realize you still had the Beep with the Electric RR sound board with my voice on it. I am flattered. Thanks for letting us know it still exists.

The OGR family is broad and deep...and you are still a part of it with the things you did to help the hobby advance electronically and what you did to help us too.  Did you see the Genset article in Collector's Gallery recently? Had your picture holding  a  prototype  UP and the diesel really looked good!

Thanks to you and Rich for being part of this thread. Found some more stuff.  More to come!  Stay Tuned!

Ed Boyle

These images were shot earlier this evening. The Miller Engineering OGR sign came out very brightly. Also am showing the back of some of the OGR business cards we made. They turned out to be impractical because we could not write on the back of them to take quick notes, which is something that proved very valuable to do over the years at train meets and trade shows.  The three OGR logos looked really nice though.


Ed Boyle

Still More To Come!



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Found some OGR promotional coffee cups in plastic and one in ceramic. Interesting story behind each kind that I will share with you after I get them  photographed tomorrow. Amazing what you can find when you look around, especially in the area of the "stash" 

Ed Boyle

Really great stuff guys.  What's the possibility of having Menards release an OGR office/warehouse combo building set so boxcars of inbound newsprint and outbound OGR magazines can be included on OGR readers layouts? 

Better yet, why can't OGR and Menards consider working together to expand both company's structure product lines?  That would be, in one word: WOW!

Joseph Toth Jr.   

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