I remember Ray posted about changing the speaker in the 2015 (original) version of the Polar Express Berkshire.  Do the standard cubes sold by Digitracks work?

Also I was thinking of changing the engine to DCC Digitracks, I know someone does the Legacy version, but is there information to change to DCC?



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Hi Rays in S had something about changing the speaker on the 2015 Polar Express Berkshire.  Ray, do you have any information on that?

Carl Tuveson did the conversion of a Berkshire to Lionel TMCC.  Carl do you have any wiring diagrams etc?  If not would you consider modifying my Berk to DCC?


Good morning folks,

Have not been here for a while, the change that I made in the speaker was to use the " fat boy" that ERR supplied with the sound boards they sold. I don't believe those are available now. I have a couple of them, they were to large to install in the GPs. I found the "fat boy" speaker to improve the sound volume of the Polar Express, very important while doing train shows.


Thanks Carl and Ray,

You both got me what I needed.  The Polar Berk is a great engine with a lousy sound system.  I am going to try to match speakers, and if that doesn't work, upgrade to DCC, which would make it an outstanding engine.

Thanks again!


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